Top 5 ways to motivate your kids to do Martial arts In Marrickville Inner West Sydney

Often parents struggle with kids who show the least interest in their martial art classes. You might be one. Are you in the same shoes? We here at Pinnacle Martial Arts In Marrickville understand your plight.

Parents often enrol their kids in martial art classes expecting it to help their kids grow. But, few kids feel that the game of fighting is all about strict teachers, bruises, wounds and physical pain.

Kids do not understand how martial art classes increase self-defence, confidence and motivation to be a stronger personality. The schools of Martial Arts Marrickville are no different.

If your kid lacks motivation, here are a few things you can make to negate all the chances of them giving excuses for you.

Missing class is a big no

In the first place, ensure your children are going to classes routinely. If not, you are setting them up for losing interest.

Attending classes sporadically will make your kid lose enthusiasm for classes all around rapidly.

If you care less about keeping them reliably in class, they realize it isn’t critical for you. If this is the case, why will your kids think it is essential to them?

Second, they will see most of their companions showing signs of improvement, particularly the ones that began about a similar time as them, while they remain the same as they were before or even worse. We here at Pinnacle Kids Martial Arts Marrickville see that happening all the time. This is why we provide age-specific and individual Martial Arts training for all those who enroll with us.

Reward them for their progress

Set aside the effort to remunerate your children for all the effort they have put in and the progress they have achieved.

A few parents don’t care about giving children the appreciation they need. Whether the appreciation is in the form of words, good food, or a goody, it is necessary. Consider it.

Just know how you feel when someone appreciates your hard work. It always works.

Give your kids reasonable objectives to achieve and sensible prizes and you will see a change in their hard-working attitude to improve things.

We at Pinnacle Kids Martial Arts In Marrickville believe in encouragement.

Inspiration is the key

You need to see a child get excited when he/she sees something magnificent. Show your kids the good things about martial art. Show how it can make them strong.

Each time they watch a persuasive video or listen to a story about the art, you will see their tiny eyes light up with a creative mind and potential outcomes! All you need to do is be patient to answer their 100 and odd questions!

That is it! Inspire them to do the job. They will beam to come out with flying colors.

No fun activity before class

One of the greatest slip-ups a parent makes is putting fun exercises before class. What child wishes to go to class when they have been viewing their preferred TV show, or playing video games before class?

We ought to specify the resting. Who needs to wake up from the best regular sleeping time to proceed to a punch and kick?

Do your best to shield kids from having a ton of fun just before class and attempt to shield them from snoozing. They will be difficult to rouse to go to class, and regardless of whether you get them there, they will have an unpleasant session.

Proper food

Kids need good food to grow and do all the activities. If you are loading your kid with sugars regularly because of your time constraint, you ought to change that. Kids need wholesome food. They need good energy to fight out and be alert.

Last, it is always good as a parent to know where your kid’s interest lies. Forcing a kid to learn something they are not interested in is not good.

Allow them for a few days to explore the art and then you can make out whether your kid is interested or not.


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