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Kung Fu is a style of martial arts popular all over the world. With its origin in China, Kung Fu is the martial arts form much represented in movies. In movies, all it represents are high kicks and many other acrobatic feats. In reality, Kung Fu is much more than that.

Pinnacle Martial Arts

The acrobatic feats of Kung Fu are only one part of this martial arts style. This is a comprehensive martial arts style that provides the best benefits to each of the practitioners. Let us have a look at it:

  • Fitness – Kung Fu is an ancient martial arts form that strengthens the body. Each of the techniques of this style is aimed at making the practitioner as strong as possible, as in the olden days this was the only means to stay safe. Kung Fu is a full body workout. The more you workout, the more would you be able to boost your endurance and stamina.
  • Self Defence – Kung Fu is originally a fighting martial arts style. Each of the techniques and moves taught in Kung Fu can be used to defend an attack. Through Kung Fu training, you would train your mind and your body. It also helps you to develop awareness, coordination and confidence. These aspects would become much beneficial when you are facing any difficult situation.
  • Confidence – Confidence and Self Esteem are other benefits that you reap from Kung Fu training. With practice, you would be able to develop your skills which would instill confidence in you. Your body and mind would work together and in tandem and this also would provide you with confidence.
  • Strength – Literally, Kung Fu can mean hard work. To practice each technique, you would need to put in a lot of effort which can develop your strength. As the initial difficulty has been overcome, those practicing kung fu will develop a deep inner and external strength. Things that they found hard to perform or master would be easily done by them.
  • Flexibility – Kung Fu practice helps in building flexibility of the body. This martial arts style focuses on harnessing your energy and it helps the practitioners to renew their stores of energy. By practicing Kung Fu, even if you reach middle age or even older, you would be able to retain the energy of a much younger person.
  • Weight Loss – As mentioned earlier, Kung Fu is a work out training that has a lot of exercises that benefits the whole body. The various techniques, combined with the right diet and all would make you strong and lose weight.

These are not the only benefits that you get from Kung Fu training and the list goes on and on. For the best training techniques, practice with the best martial arts academy providing the best training in Kung Fu, Martial arts through established centres at Marrickville and Chester Hill.

Pinnacle Kung Fu Influenced Martial Arts & Karate Marrickville & Chester Hill in Sydney is ideal for Fitness, Discipline, Self Defence, Character & Physical Development

At Pinnacle in Marrickville Inner West and Chester Hill Bankstown Area South West Sydney, we have incorporated many disciplines and integrated the dynamics of Sports Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Korean Karate, Traditional Taekwondo, Hapkido, Boxing, Kick Boxing and fitness to provide the most practical and effective Martial Arts self defence techniques for kids, teens and adults.

We have adopted these disciplines to complement each other thus creating the fast, powerful, exciting and dynamic Pinnacle style. Pinnacle Martial Arts Taekwondo Academy designed popular programs to suit the specific ages and levels of our members.

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