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Attention Disorders (AD), or Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), is one of the conditions that affect kids. This is a neurologically based developmental disability which “results from a chemical imbalance or deficiency in certain neurotransmitters”. These neurotransmitters are “chemicals that help the brain regulate behavior”.

Stats state that almost 3-5% of the school-going population suffers from this condition. A child suffering from AD will only have a short attention span and is easily distractible. Those who are distractible can be easily pulled off from his task. Those with AD will have difficulty concentrating on tasks. Some may have difficulty in deciding where to start a task, while others may get lost in the directions to do a task.

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Attention Disorder may be a condition where people struggle with every single thing. But with Martial Arts, those with AD can overcome the condition. Let us check how:

  • Exercise – It is a known fact that exercises will help a person get better in all respects, be it body or mind. It is the best way to keep your body and mind running and active. Exercises and martial arts training will help keep our mind in optimal health and well being. The best part of the martial art training is that no exercises are repetitive and boring, and it helps those with AD too.
  • Goal Setting Martial Arts is about setting a goal and trying hard to achieve the goal. It helps you to set attainable goals and achieve it. This helps those with AD to feel like a setting proper goals and achieving them, the feeling of self-worth will be heightened and they would have total control over their life.
  • The Process of Starting – Most of the people with AD would have difficulty in understanding how to be a task and carry it out. With martial arts training, they can understand how each task can be broken down into achievable parts. With martial arts training, they would be practicing the techniques in their own pace and would move forward only when they are ready. By seeing small pieces of tasks to complete, they can do it with ease and ultimately complete the whole task.
  • Boosts Concentration – The basic elements of martial arts are focus and concentration. Though for a student with AD it would be hard at first, slowly they will learn to keep their focus and concentration even when the mind is going adrift. This can help in his day to day activities and make him a better person.

These are some of the benefits that a person with AD receives from martial arts training, but this is not all too. For the best and effective martial arts practices, enroll at the academy that provides martial arts training in Hurlstone Park, Marrickville, and Chester Hill.

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