What you Learn from Women’s Self Defence Classes in Marrickville & Chester Hill Sydney

Do you need to take a self-defence class? Well, there would be no need to answer this one as the answer is always yes. Self-defence classes are always important, and much important for women and kids.


Women are often considered as weak and unable to take care of themselves when the circumstances are not favourable. It is where self-defence classes come in. When women learn self-defence, they learn something more than throwing a good punch. Mastering self-defence relies on your mental strength as well as physical strength. Learning self-defence the best way can help women to achieve goals and be able to defend themselves.

So, what is that women actually learn from self-defence classes? Let us have a look:

    • Self-Empowerment – It would be wrong to say that women are low on self-confidence. There are plenty of instances where women have achieved their dreams and goals based on their sheer willpower and confidence. But still, there are a lot of women who face the issue of low self-confidence and feel low and dejected when they are unable to achieve what they wish for. Even though they may have supportive family members and friends, they should be able to empower themselves. One of the best ways would be through karate training or taking up other martial arts styles like taekwondo. These types of martial arts training can help women have confidence in themselves and the belief that they can take care of themselves.
    • Strength – It is no secret that women are always at risk of assault and attacks. As it is mostly the opposite gender attacking them, women are also at a disadvantage. But with self-defence practice through martial arts training, women can overcome that. Martial arts training involves exercise and strength training and it can improve the strength of women. By learning martial arts and self-defence the best way, with the best people, women can learn how to properly use their strength and skills to ward off assaults, even if the assailant is bigger and stronger. It can also help them sense danger and take evasive actions.
    • Role Mode – There is nothing better than being a role model. Being a role model means that people would look up to you and be inspired by you. Through self-defence training, you would be inspiring many other women, no matter the age, to take up self-defence training.

These are some of the benefits that women receive through self-defence classes. So, where would you learn self-defence and martial arts from for the best benefits? These benefits can be achieved with the best martial arts academy that abides by some objectives. The best academy provides the best training that helps you achieve your pinnacle.

Pinnacle Martial Arts in Marrickville Sydney is ideal for Fitness, Discipline, Self Defence, Character & Physical Development

At Pinnacle in Marrickville Inner West and Chester Hill Bankstown Area South West Sydney, we have incorporated many disciplines and integrated the dynamics of Sports Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Korean Karate, Traditional Taekwondo, Hapkido, Boxing, Kick Boxing and fitness to provide the most practical and effective Martial Arts self defence techniques for kids, teens and adults.

We have adopted these disciplines to complement each other thus creating the fast, powerful, exciting and dynamic Pinnacle style. Pinnacle Martial Arts Taekwondo Academy designed popular programs to suit the specific ages and levels of our members.

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