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What is the perfect way of tying a karate & Taekwondo Martial Arts Belt? All around the world, it is tied in a variety of ways, among which some are good, some not and others completely weird. Each academy or dojo would follow a unique way of tying the karate belt.

The Traditional Way of Tying a Karate Belt

The most perfect way of tying a karate belt is the traditional Japanese way. This traditional way is much more than a way of tying a belt. It is a reflection of yourself and what you do. Tying your karate belt the traditional way teaches you many things and today let us check how to tie it:

  • Step 1 – The Balancing

    The first step that each practitioner of karate must do while tying their belt is to balance it from the middle. They must make sure that it hangs evenly from the sides. This deed showcases the significance of balance, including spiritual, technical and physical. This balance can, but, only be achieved when practical physical training is coupled and balanced with theoretical studies. In this way, it is your hand that is in the middle and balancing the belt.

  • Step 2 – The Wrap Around

    You have balance the belt and the next part is wrapping it around. For this, you need to place the middle of the belt below your navel. This reminds you that through proper practice of karate, you would be empowered with the unique skill to give, receive and end life. This also reminds each person that upholding the moral values of karate is important. Each practitioner of karate must make sure of demonstrating these principles during each interaction while practicing karate. After the wrap around, you should cross the belt behind your back. The “X” that the belt makes behind us reminds us to be prepared always and be aware of those who might cross us behind our backs. From there, bring the belt to the front again. It shows us that what goes around comes around and that we always reap what we sow. Make the “X” again in the front of the body, which tells us that those that go behind your back can go under your nose too.

  • Step 3 – The Knot

    In this step, you should bring one end of the belt up from under the belt and the other down. This step reminds each practitioner of karate that if the mind is not at peace, then the mind can travel to different directions. This also tells that for improvement, we must always strive to go upwards. Tying the knot of the karate belt tightly reminds each person the importance of tightening their resolve in all matters. Next, make sure that the ends of the belt are hanging perfectly even. Well, even if it is not hanging perfectly even, there is no problem as the spirit of karate is all about striving for perfection.

These are the steps through which the karate belt can be tied the traditional way. For the best training in karate, enroll with the best martial arts academy that provides a dynamic and comprehensive training.

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