Teens Martial Arts

Martial arts classes for Teen’s

Our Teens Martial Arts program is the next step up from the Martial Rangers program. Within this program the students learn basic to advance martial arts techniques and further strengthen their Physical, Moral and Character developments from the Martial Ranger program.

Pinnacle Teen Martial Arts program caters to high school students ranging from 13-18 years of age and addressing their needs and challenges that they may face in high school.

This program has been such a success that we already have students who have gained higher belt ranks, physical development, character development, social development, moral development, self-defense, and Martial Arts skills.

Pinnacle Martial Arts classes are a unique mix of Karate, Taekwondo, FUN Boxing & Kick-boxing combinations, Kung Fu influenced Martial Arts, proven techniques selected from various popular Martial Arts and specifically desgined self defence techniques for certain scenarios which may occur in high school.

Our members may even represent their own school in the NSW Taekwondo All Schools tournament.

Martial arts is an excellent cross training sport that will greatly compliment the performance, balance, stamina, focus, and concentration of any athlete in other sports outside of Martial arts. In turn we feel that other sports, outside of Martial Arts, are a great advantage and serve to compliment Martial arts.