David So | I have been extremely fortunate to train under the guidance of Pinnacle Grand Masters & Master Instructors

Title David Achieved | 4th Dan Black Belt (under Grand Master Hassan Iskandar)

As a 4th Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do practitioner, I have been extremely fortunate to train under the guidance of Grand Master Hassan Iskandar and Master Kedar Iskandar. From the beginning of 1996 to today, I have earned my current level through vigorous training techniques. During my time as a younger practitioner, Tae Kwon Do has played an important role in my life. As a young man with commitments to studies and church, some sort of physical exercise was needed to ensure that there is a balance in life between my commitments.

Tae Kwon Do provided that balance for me not only physically but also mentally. It kept my mind sharp not only during Tae Kwon Do classes but also throughout life. I have been able to apply these lessons to everyday life situations. Through Tae Kwon Do, I developed great discipline and respect which has been carried in and out of the Dojo (training facility).

Training under the guidance of Grand Master Hassan and Kedar is a unique environment. We are not only club members but more so part of a large Tae Kwon Do family.

My life outside of Tae Kwon Do has been rewarding where I graduated with Honours as an Aerospace Engineer (UNSW). I have been privileged to work within my discipline field of Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering on defence projects (working on RAAF planes and building Army/Navy Helicopters). Currently, I work as a Logistics Engineer Specialist on another defence project. This is to illustrate that with a good balance of commitments and physical activity, the sky is the limit. I have been fortunate that Tae Kwon Do has provided the physical activity balance I needed as well as for many others who have preceded me and come after me.

Closing Thoughts

Having the privilege to train under Grand Master Hassan & top team of Master instructors and learning from each other has been a rewarding experience. From my experience, I would highly recommend training under the guidance of Grand Master Hassan. Pinnacle Martial Arts is suitable for those looking either for a Martial Art to participate in, to compete and be a champion or just a physical activity or Self Defence training to do.

My final advice is to come into the club and experience it for yourself. With the right attitude and mindset, I believe you will experience the same core values I have learnt. Pinnacle Martial Arts has provided me the code of Tae Kwon Do with the assistance of Grand Master Hassan. I am sure it will provide: good health, Tae Kwon Do techniques, great discipline and a sharp mind. Pinnacle will also give a sense of belonging to a family and community to anyone who tries them out in Marrickville Inner West Sydney & Chester Hill South West Sydney.